David and Celia Contreras

Dear Wally and Tammy,

We would love to start by giving our gratitude to you, your wife and staff for providing an amazing reception on our wedding night. We started looking at reception halls more than two years ago and it was a struggle for us. We had visited quite a few reception halls in the Northeast Ohio area and learned that what our expectations were and what our wallet could afford were two different things. One night as we were haphazardly searching through magazines and newspapers we found an advertisement for Wal-Tams. The article was small and almost went by unnoticed but my wife said, “look a showing is coming up really soon”. My wife begged me to go and so we went.

The day of the showing really was a whirlwind and went by all to fast. We were there for about an hour and a half when Wally approached us. From the moment we met Wally we knew that he was a real down to Earth person who was reasonable, polite, and straightforward. He explained that he could do any style of decoration, plating of food, and that we could bring in what we wanted to bring in. This excited us because we knew on two teacher’s salaries it would be hard to pull a stunning wedding off. Undecided and overwhelmed we courted the reception hall for a couple of months. We had decided to go through reviews of Wal-Tam’s and really investigate what ifs, what happened and how it really looked that day at other people’s receptions. To my surprise there was a wave of massive Wal-Tam supporters so we decided to go another showing of the reception hall.

This time we really wanted to ask him some hard hitting questions about plate price, linens, decorations do’s and don’ts, maximum capacity of guest, minimum capacity of guest so we lined our ducks in order. After seeing Wally the second time to our surprise he invited us back for an in depth scheduling. He took over two hours with parents, our relatives, and us to hammer out so many details that had the both of bickering for weeks. It was such a relief for someone else to take this burden away from us. He also offered a budget plan and a guide on what and when to do our shopping for gifts, favors, and alcohol. This saved us a huge amount of money, time, and arguing between the both of us. For that alone I am grateful and pleased. However, it gets better.

Around two weeks prior to the reception Tammy and Wally gave us access to take photographs of the hall and the grounds for decoration purposes. Wally’s wife was so accommodating and genuinely excited that it made me really take a look at how lucky I was to have this opportunity. Over the next two weeks Tammy allowed us to store, go through a dry run of decorations, plating and table settings. At last the night came and through a whirlwind of activity it seems like we almost missed out. However, I can tell you three beautiful and succinct moments in which I’ll never forget. Our first dance felt like we were dancing in a grand ballroom with the most beautiful lights hitting us. The second would be our cake and how it was presented at the front of his beautiful stage and the third is sitting back and watching his team help us pack up our decorations, food, and alcohol as we barely stood from all the dancing that had occurred. Wally and Tammy I thank you for assisting us in making one of the most memorable nights we’ve ever had. Here’s to your family, their success and the many more years of making people’s lives beautiful for that special night.

David and Celia Contreras
October 26, 2013