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Kevin and Darlene Green

Wally and Tammy,

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you thank you so much for a wonderful experience once again. It was so amazing, we got so many compliments from everyone on the food and how everything looked. We have continued to get calls even today from people. I have to say at the end of the evening when you are walking around to say final good-byes to the staff and thank them and you are giving hugs to them, it is like family. That is how it fealt working with all of you. I did not see you to tell you or Tammy at the end of the evening to thank you in person, so I wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciated all your hard work and special touches that made the wedding absolutely perfect.

Kevin and Darlene Green

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Flair & Innovation

Our Catering is with Flair & Innovation blended with efficiency and organization. Always working within your budget, you will get fabulous food for very reasonable prices. Our staff combines the perfect blend of experience & creativity to make your occasion SPECIAL. We provide service that is second to none. 

Whether a Wedding, Anniversary or a Corporate party that involves a four-course, sit-down dinner for hundreds of people,  Catering by Wal-Tam's can handle it all. So you can clinch that vital sales contract, or finally get to dance with that long-lost relative at the family reunion, secure in the knowledge that all of the culinary details of your important day will be meticulously tended to.

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